Landmark Jobs – Full List

Location: Sparks, MD
Roof Size: 18,000 Square Feet
Owner: US Lacrosse
General Contractor: Gilbane Building Company

Location: Sterling, VA
Roof Size: 320,600 Square Feet
Owner: CyrusOne
General Contractor: DPR Construction

Harbor East RoofLocation: Baltimore, MD – April 2007
Roof Size: 57,000 Square Feet
General Contractor: Armada-Hoffler Construction Company

Project Description:
– 49,000 Square Feet Of Modified Styrene Butadiene Styrene Bitument Roofing.
– 4,500 Square Feet Metal Wall Panels.
– 3,800 Square Feet Metal Roof Panels.

Location: Bel Air, MD – June 2009 Roof Size: 167,600 Square Feet
General Contractor: Oak Contracting

Project Description:
– 146,600 S.F. Of Gaf Built-Up Roofing.
– 21,000 S.F. Of Merchant & Evans Standing Seam Roof/ Soffit Panels.
– Radius Metal Roof Panels.

Glen Burnie Aquatic CenterLocation: Glen Burnie, Maryland
Roof Size: 30,000 Square Feet
General Contractor: March Westin

Project Description:
– 30,000 S.F. Of Adhered Carlisle Tpo.
– 2 Ply Torched Vapor Barrier Over Substrate.

Wayson Parking GarageLocation: Annapolis, MD – April 2008
Roof Size: 4,000 Square Feet
General Contractor: Whiting Turner

Project Description:
– 2,000 S.F. Of Firestone Adhered Epdm Roofing.
– 2,000 S.F. Of Una-Clad Soffit/ Fascia Panels And Standing Seam Roofing.
– All Canopy Work.
– Tie-In To Existing Bldg.

West Towson EsLocation: Towson, MD – August 2010
Roof Size: 37,000 Square Feet
General Contractor: Oak Contracting

Project Description:
– 31,000 S.F. Of Firestone Built-Up Roofing.
– 6,000 S.F. Of Henry Hot Fluid Roofing.
– 6,000 S.F. Of Sempergreen Green Roof Carpet.
– Synthetic Wood Benches And Decking.
– Domes Hills Built On Roof For Green Roof Carpet.

Walker Jones EsLocation: Washington, D.C. – August 2009
Roof Size: 48,000 Square Feet
General Contractor: Forrester Construction Co

Project Description:
– 21,000 S.F. Of Firestone Adhered Epdm Roofing.
– 27,000 S.F. Of Barrett Hot Fluid Roofing.
– 21,000 S.F. Of Plant In Place Green Roofing.
– 6,000 S.F. Of Roof Pavers.
– Plant-In-Place Sedum Plugs.
– Custom Colored Metals.

Location: Catonsville, MD – August 2010
Roof Size: 15,000 Square Feet
General Contractor: Kbe

Project Description:
– 15,000 S.F. Of Adhered Firestone Tpo Roofing.
– 700 S.F. Of Green Roofing For School Project/ Leed Points.
– Coordination With Green Roof Student Advisor.
– Tie-In To Existing Building.

Location: Washington, D.C. – September 2010
Roof Size: 32,000 Square Feet
General Contractor: Hess Construction

Project Description:
– 10,000 S.F. Of Adhered Sarnafil Pvc.13,000 Built-Up Roofing.
– 10,000 S.F. Of Synthetic Slate.
– Slate Roof Has Deck Replacement And Interior Truss Replacement.
– Flat Seam Wall Panels.
– VC Roof Is Barrel Roof With Ribs For Metal Roofing Look.